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unlurking & intro

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the list (couple of days) and
pretty new to the Audi world (6 days).  I sought
out an Audi list on the advice of a Saab-owning friend
who had gotten lots of useful advice from a Saab
list.  Looking over the posts & archives for the
Quattro list, it looks like I've found the right place!

My new car is a '97 A4 1.8T Q w/various (dealer-selected)
stuff like all-weather package, "sport" package, roof, etc.
And it's yellow!!!  VERY VERY yellow.  I almost went with
a black one, similarly equipped, but in the end the yellow
car haunted my dreams and I went for it.  And after driving
it for a few days I am glad.

So far, I am totally in love with this car.  I put 1000 miles
on it in the first 3 days and already have one pretty good
story (involving a Beemer going off the road, hehe).

About me...  I have a basic working knowledge of cars,
engines, etc., but am not a "car buff" or whatever--my
idea of customizing a car would be limited to a bumper
sticker. However, reading some of the cool stuff on
this list, that could change. :-)

My automotive history is pretty boring, having driven/
owned a succession of Hondas (79 Accord hatchback, 83 Accord
sedan, 92 Civic sedan), punctuated only by a brief period
of MG (79 MGB).

I work for a software startup (I'm a co-founder) doing
a variety of stuff including product marketing, business
development, and sysadmin ("one of these things is not like
the other...").  Heck, I may even get some code into the

So that's enough about me for now.

At this point, other than whining about the price of the
factory CD changers (no adapter!?! harumph), I only have
one very general question:

* Are there any special "gotchas" I should be watching out
  for with this car?  Things that wouldn't occur to me as
  a long-time Honda driver/owner?

Thanks & happy listing,

James Kittock               Carnelian, Inc.               james@carnelian.com
1023 Shoreline Blvd.,  Mountain View,  CA  94043               (415) 919-0980
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