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Re: Problems with newly purchased V8 Quattro 90'

Sergei Lubich wrote:
> Just received a call from the Dealer.  O2 sensor checked out, but is running
> very close to the edge, but they want $170 for each, probably plus labor..
> Where did you see $120-$130 price range ?
> Also, the vacuum hose needed replacement, seemed to have been heavily
> damaged by the engine oil leak.  Dealer contends "surging" was caused by
> that.  One thing for sure, the idle will be much smoother now.  Probably
> will need to replace O2's as well.
Blaufargnugen has them for the 120-130 range. 

> > Which brakes do you have?  Remember a lot of weight to stop, therefore
> > brakes are stressed.
> Don't know what kind, I wasn't the one who replaced them.  I am also
> trying to drive it with the ABS disabled, but don't feel a big difference
> yet.
If you have the original internal clipers it is big bucks to get new
pads/rotors etc.  If you have the converted brakes, get Cool Carbon(or
whatever they are called now) from Westin Motorsports.  They make a huge
difference.  Also flush the brake fluid, it may have boiled from what
you are describing.

> > Bose system sucks!  Just about to install a Denon unit, it should be
> > nice.
> Denon ?  How much ? What does it have ?
You can get the head unit 950RCT for ~$300 from mail order.  10 disk
denon changer, Alpine power amp and Quartz speakers total of ~$1100(I
got all of it on sale)
> Surpsingly, this valve gasket leak is not that expensive to fix,
> dealer quoted $228 parts&labor.  Probably easy to get to...
Do the valve cover gasket yourself.  I did it on my car and it takes
about 1/2 hour to do.  Get the gasket from Carlsen Porsche Audi

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri