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Champagne on Ice

Patrick (and others):
   I finished the bleeding this morning, going around the car twice. 
Had to start the car often to keep the hydraulic from overflowing.  I
drove it after the first time around the circuit as my wife said she had
some pedal.  Luckily my neighborhood was very quiet 'cause the pedal
went to the floor almost right away.  Next time I will figure out some
pressure bleed system.  Anyway we did it again and now it seems normal.
   I drove 8.5 miles,  varying speeds and braking efforts.  The car got
hot as it was 80 deg here in Mpls.  Every so often I would circle back
to my driveway which has a slight up slope, throw it in neutral, and the
car would coast backward--THE BRAKES WERE NOT DRAGGING.  Patrick, if
this the fix for my rig, I hope it can help you isolate yours with some
degree of confidence and without replacing unnecessary parts(bomb,servo)
like I did.  The MC that I got at Brac's in St. Paul cost me $50
(800-392-1315), and it was an aluminum job, had the Audi rings on it,
whereas my old one was cast iron. I wish you well; maybe I will at least
sip some champagne.  Are you ever sure with an Audi?
Bob Ringlien