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Pike's Peak saga continues


After the awesome PP trip and finally getting a chance to put a face and car 
to the e-mail address, I felt that it behooved me to resubscribe after a 2 
year hiatus.  I'll just have to bite the bullet and deal with the 
bandwidth...I forgot how much I was missing!

I just want to thank Ben Howell, James Marriot, and whoever else was involved 
in organizing the even, and everyone who showed up...it was great...we must do 
that again sometime.

For those of you who were at the Malibu track the last day and heard Todd and 
I bitching about our 20 hour drive back, we made it from Denver to Coeur d' 
Alene in 15 hours flat!  We had more daylight in Montana going home then we 
did comming down, so we could go all out longer.  In typical VDO fashion, the 
speedometer was not reading anything close to how fast we were going, but in 
this case, it was reading slow.  At an indicated 95 mph, we clocked the car's 
mile at 35.8 seconds!  We could eek out a top speed of 112 indicated mph...not 
bad for a fully loaded '84 4kq with slightly compromised front end 
aerodynamics.  The twisties between Missoula and Coeur d' Alene that were 
posted at 45 to 55, we were doing an indicated 95 to 100, and there was a lot 
left over in those RE71's.

Hopefully next time we do this trip, I'll have my own quattro to take along 
(hopefully quieter and faster than the 4k).


Adam Dieckerhoff
Bellevue, WA

'86 Jetta (mine)
'96 A4q (dad's)