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Re: Oxidation, what to do?

When I bought my '87 4CSQ it had been sitting in the California heat in
a wrecking yard for about 2 months.  In addition, the previous owner
hadn't taken great care of the paint.  Also, the car has about 150K
miles.  There was no wax on the finixh to protect it.

However, in about two hours my uncle and I were able to restore 80% of
the paint to a "like new" luster.  We used 3M buffing compound with a
circular buffer.  It will remove a little bit of paint, as well as all
oxidation.  We were even able to remove two of three large stains from
an unknown cause.

If you attempt to do this yourself, BE CAREFUL, you may want to leave it
up to a professional.  There are plenty of ways to destroy your paint
with the stuff.  There is also a 3M polish compound you can use
afterward, but I didn't worry on account that the car is just a daily
driver, cost me under $2000.

Also, with your car, do you garage it?  How often do you wax it?  What
color is it?  Is it a metalic (then your probably out of luck)

I think the UV rays from the sun are much worse than the 100 degree


'87 Audi 4000CS Quattro, red
''91 BMW M3, red

Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> I just got done waxing my red Audi with some new Meguire's wax.  I got
> a lot
> of ol oxidized paint up.  Is there anything I can do in the future,
> asides
> from maybe waxing more often, to help prevent this oxidation.  I do
> live
> in Texas, and it is about 100 everyday of the summer, so any advice
> would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Rob