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S6 fan installation report

I picked up my S6 fan today ($45.13, no discount, 4AO 959 465A). It is a 10
blade fan, almost 2" smaller diameter than the 7 blade on my tq. A nice
touch is a stabiliyzer ring around the outside which is helpful for
blithering idiots like myself (no more stubby fingers!). The shroud must be
removed - the radiator can stay, although its close in there angling it out.

Pluses - seems to flow a good deal more air (we'll find out more tomorrow
when the temp is back up to 93 - it was a bland 82 @ 9:30 pm)
SIGNIFICANTLY quieter - I had to turn off the AC to make sure it was running
in second stage and not first! Never got to hurricane stage, which wouldn't
be unusual at night anyway...

Minus - There must be a special washer or nut for this fan. The old 7 blade
had a lock washer that also locked the fan to the shaft. The new fan is
slotted and thinner - the old nut wouldn't seat the fan fully. Luckily I had
my trusty pinball parts avail and found a washer that would provide enough
clearance - but I'll have to go back and do it right eventually. Cooling
systems on an Audi are something I've learned not to MacGiver...

So far, looks like a worthwhile conversion - anyone got an S4/S6 fan shroud

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