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Re: Turbo IC Hose and Kudos

Donna Sims wrote:
> Does anybody know where to get a replacement for the big bellows-like
> hose (Michelin man) that goes to the IC for the turbo? Audi has one for
> around $100 and I don't want to spend that. I thought I saw somewhere in
> the list an improved silicon rubber hose replacement for about $35. Is
> this true or is my medicine just kicking in again??

The good news is -- it does exist. Made in Britain by SAMCO, marketed here by TAP(352-628-2834, 
The bad news is -- it sells for $115 in it's most simple form (without a third outlet, which is 
necessary if you decide to install a blow-by valve).

My 200 would destroy those crappy OEM rubber hoses on the average once a year ever since I chipped 
it up (regular rubber does not like hot oil vapor being blown through @ 18psi of boost).

I know a number of people who have installed said hoses and I have yet to see one to blow up.
On my car I have both that blue SAMCO hose and a SAAB Turbo blow-by valve.

When (and if) you will be calling TAP, do not let them convince you that you need to buy their 
version of a blow-by valve (actually a more appropriate name would be  a *dump valve*).
There are at least two reasons for not installing that particular one on the car.
Should you have any more questions on this valve, please don't hesitate to ask.

One more thing: you do not have to install the valve. But I would strongly suggest that you install 
the hose.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on the boat
Philadelphia, PA

P.S. Donna, you never mentioned what kind of car you're driving.