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accident - rear bumper

Does anyone have experience wit under 8-10 mph collisions?  I was getting off 
of the highway, merging onto a secondary road near the Pentagon today.  Just 
when there was an opening in my lane, a guy veered from the middle lane to the 
right lane, blocking me in.  I had pulled forward, but then had to stop.  
Unfortunately, the guy behind me ("I was admiring your car and didn't see you 
stop" - quote from him, no lie!) didn't stop.  So, the bumper is scratched, 
but what about the underneath.  Anyone want to fathom a guess?  It was _maybe_ 
5 mph.  I can't believe this.  Years of perfect driving, then I move to DC, 
get e broken windshield, some a*s catches the corner of my rear bumper and 
pulls it out and cracks it, and now this!  AAARRRGGGH!

Any and all help is graciously appreciated.
Jon Linkov
slightly miffed A4q