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Re: Groaning . . .

FWIW, my '89 100q has just started making the same noises.  Ditto on
reproduction by pushing down on the rear of the car--more noticeable on
the left than rights side.  Was going to get it into the shop this week
and lube up everything in sight--just have not gotten the chance.  Anyone
have a suggestion for a good place to start looking?


Bill Murin

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Rich  Segal wrote:

> My 1990 20V Q is making "groaning noises" and seems to be suspension 
> related.  At start up, as I am backing the car out of the garage it 
> starts to make the groaning noises and as I steer the car, the noises 
> are noticeable too.  Also, when the car is stopped, I can reproduce 
> the noise by pushing down on the rear of the car.  Does something 
> need to be lubed or . . .   Thanks for any advice.
> Rich
> 1990 20V Q