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Any advice on rebuilding ALTERNATOR????

Hey all,
    I'm going to be "rebuilding" my alternator on my '90 Coupe Quattro this
week.  It makes a rattling/squecking noise that is a result of lack of grease
in those bearings.   I can shoot some silicone lube into the alternator with
a small hose extension that lets me get in there, but it is washed away by
the next rain and back to being noisy.   So I will be taking the alternator
out and repacking the bearings and cleaning it up.
    Do any of you have any suggestions, comments, warnings, advice, or
anything else that will help me?   

Thanks all!

       /\        _I         Christian J. Long and Breeze Heller (better half)
     /    \ I_I I_I I       Orlando, Florida, USA
                            University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'90 Coupe Quattro   K&N cone, BBS rims, FL tag:QUATRO-1          
'90 90                    looking to replace with an A4 1.8tm....maybee lease