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RE: I lied...NEQ '97 MW: Hillclimb

 >>....and control is fine, but keep in mind
 >>there is a fine line between control for the sake of safety and
 >>control for the thrill of empowerment.  Being too anal about rules
 >>takes away from the event.

I lied..my last missive was not my last word.
The comments above have no relevance to the NEQ Part of The Event at MW.
They will not be next year either, I can assure you.

Some of you are _WAY_ out of line here IMNSHO.
Funny how the mail on MW was all favorable until now ... a month after the
event ... think about it folks.  Frankly, the tone of the above remarks is
insulting considering that the people that made this nice weekend possible
should have been thanked for their efforts and not berated for any
This is not about me, this is about my friends, fellow enthusiasts, and
trying to do something for you to have FUN without asking for anything in
Nice going.

Paul Royal