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Re: 4kq = Yugo?!?

Easy, sell the wife!

At 10:33 PM 8/23/97 -0700, Wolff wrote:
>You are hooked now. You are going to have to get it. I had the same
>problem last month. Now I have a pearl white '91 200 tq and an alpine
>white '86 4kq. ( I don't think my 4k drives like a YUGO though.)
>Benefit is, anytime you start thinking you need a chip for the 200, just
>go drive the 4k for a while, then get back in the 200 and you'll get
>over it. :)
>James Marriott wrote:
>> Haudi,
>> Well, I screwed up and went and drove that FS '91 200q on Tuesday. WOW!!
>> The XXXX says we can't afford it, but it sure was nice. Took the
>> visiting *$&#&@ brother-in-law, too. He, as did I, later thought that my
>> pristine '87 4000CS quattro looked and felt just like a Yugo. Poor
>> thing's depressed now! What do I do???
>> cu
>> James