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Re: advice needed in quattro quest

At 12:30 PM 9/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
 Audi dealer has volunteered the opinion that a '90 200q
>should be available at no more than about $8000 (although he didn't have
>one!) He said he should be able to locate a nice '91 200q for somewhere
>between $10-12K.
>Could this '90 200q be worth around $10K (even if "perfect"?)--and is the
>competitor just lowballing me?? Or...

$8K would be in the norm - however if you have the car checked over very
carefully and can afford it - I'd rather pay 2K over book for a perfect '90
than pay book for a '91 that may need 2K worth of work - and with an Audi,
2K comes and goes REAL fast. Get it with a good promise that you'll get
service on any major problems that may creep up in say 6 months and you've
got a good deal...

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