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88 90q computer ?????

Just got a 88 90q w/ 95K and have noticed some glitchs in the computer,
any help would be great:
1) driving time: sometimes goes blank or flashes 2:00
2) fuel left in tank is not working?
3) milage is not steady, bounces from 90/per to 24./per and up and down
4) my gas milage was about avg. 32 last week and now have 20, whats
~normal for these engines ( I know this is a loaded ?)
5) what is the test for the computer? I think the thing is funky? flat
line displays, fixed driving time blah blah blah
6) today on a cold hah cool 54 the engine had a hard time starting,
needed to get it jumped.  pain in the ass

Waiting for that Bentley mannual....but looking for some temp help fast
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