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attn UK-URQ listers--need advice

In message <199709050221.TAA16230@m4.sprynet.com> rdg51@sprynet.com writes:

> Dear UK listers:  I have an 83 URQ with almost 100k miles, that I use as a daily 
> driver. I am interested in your opinions or experience with some of the 
> advertisers and products in Volkswagen Audi car magazine, from the UK. 

I have an 88 with 145k miles.

> Specifically, Proven Products--they show a suspension kit called system 2, with 
> custom springs and shocks (I believe they are KYB) at a very reasonable price. 
> Are there any with experience with this set up around?

None that I know of.  Now that Paul Beaurain's car has been bananaed, everyone
I know is running stock suspension.

> Also any word on AM Cars, BR Motorsport, Dynalinx and Quattro Sports?

See a private email.
> As in the 
> states, I'm sure there is variability in service, advice, price and reliability. 
> Any info you might have would be appreciated. I am in the market for a new 
> exhaust system (stainless-Scorpion seems the only choice here), shocks plus or 
> minus springs, and strut bearings. 

No, there's Gran Fabrications on 0115 976 1864.  Note that stock Audi exhausts
use stainless pipes and mild steel boxes.  Hard to beat stock.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club