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MB engine help needed

In message <UPMAIL13.199709082118150766@classic.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> OK, it fires and runs but - what the h*ll screws into the back of the head?

Good question.

> There is a threaded hole below and to the left of the temperature sender. It
> appears to be about 12 or 13mm diameter and as I have found goes though to the
> coolant passages. What is supposed to go there? I dont recall seeing it on my
> old head and I cant find anything that should go there - in fact to my
> amazement I havent got any bits left over.

The parts microfiche shows _two_ plugs at the rear of the block - one on the
rear face (#27 with washer/gasket #25) and one on the side (#26 with
washer/gasket #25).

#25 and #26 are not marked as engine-specific, so I assume they apply to the
WR, GV, MB and WX.  #27 is not documented in the text, although there _is_ an
unattributed line assigning "Plug N 016 027 5" to the MB.  However, this is
M14x1.5m against the other (#26) M10x1.0m.  So #25 cannot fit.  There is
another blank line for "Sealing washer N 013 814 9" with the correct dimensions
and an "MB" flag.

So I think you need N 016 027 5 and N 013 814 9.

And the hole is 14mm.  Looks like it screws in with a 6mm Allen driver flat-
topped thing.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club