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Dumb clutch slave bleeding ideas

After replacing a leaking brake line on my '93 90, I of source
had to bleed the system, and since I'm at 60k, I thought it would
be wise to flush out the clutch system while I was at it... 


Since I was home alone, I didn't feel particularly secure stuffing
myself under the car while it was jacked up (and on stands!) so
I thought I'd give it a go with the car on terra firma....


It took me about 25min of contorting my arm and fumbling with
an 11mm wrench and the bleeder hose, but I got it on and the
nipple open. So, I started pumping the pedal and managed to
thoroughly fill the system with air.

More fumbling with the bleeder to open it wider and we were
in business, though the cylinders were squeaking now...

After a total of an hour, I'd got it all buttoned up. I didn't
even lose the rubber bleeder cap! 

The clutch feels fine, though noticably lighter than before. The
only thing that bothers me is that it still squeaks. Hope I
haven't wrecked anything...

Oh, and I don't think I'm going to try doing it this way again...

-Chris (pretzel arm)
'93 90CS 60k