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Re: Fuel pump failures...

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 9/16/97 audidudi@delphi.com (Jeffrey J. Goggin) writes:
> <<This past weekend, I had the FOURTH fuel pump failure of the year in my
> family's fleet of cars, the fuel pump in my 200q being the most recent
> victim.<snip>On the counter inside the station (Chevron) was a pamphlet
> explaining that the fuel systems in some "older" cars -- which it defined as
> pre-1990! -- may not be compatible with the latest oxygenated fuels and
> increased wear and/or premature failure of rubber parts may result ... has
> anyone else in Arizona or California had
> problems using this stuff in their Audis or is the high failure rate I'm
> experiencing just a statistical fluke?>>
> Hi Jeffrey,
> Here in CA we have been on this RFGII oxygenated (and more...gag) fuel for a
> while now. When introduced it was being blamed for massive failures, engine
> fires, really poor fuel economy, etc. yet there was no substantial data to
> support these claims. I was very paranoid and the only thing I have noticed
> has been a dramatic loss in fuel economy. No unusual fuel system failures
> have resulted on any cars I own or anyone's cars I know of personaly. But, we
> still pay more to get less ($1.75/gallon for crappy fuel is a raw deal here
> in the US-no, I expect no sympathy from the ROW except you do get real fuel
> for your high prices). The fuel pump on the '85 4kq I just sold had (if
> memory serves me correctly) around 60k miles and was quiet and fine. My new
> baby ('87 5kcstq) is on fuel pump # 2 or 3 at 137k...don't remember for sure.
> I think it may be coincidence that your fuel pump failures have come so
> often. If it were fuel related I would expect you would have many other fuel
> system problems as well. The horror stories pertain mostly to fuel lines and
> connections. We did have some really crappy re-formulated diesel fuel which
> destroyed fuel pumps and the state had to pay out huge amounts of money for
> repairs. So, while I personaly have heard of no reliability problems wrt
> RFGII gas, I too am curious what the collective wisdom is on this subject.
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq

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