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Re: Fuel pump failures...

With talk turning to MPG on RFG (love those acronyms) and another thread
on vac leaks and running lean, I guess something's going on here. I made
the run from Tempe-Tucson (around 115 miles) in under 90 minutes and got
28 mpg (I've seen 31 on the same jaunt) and had an all-time high of 35 mpg
avg running around for the day in northern AZ. And in town, it gets around
23 unless the air is on, when it gets 22. This is an MC engined 5kt. 
So does quattro really take more off the efficiency than Audi claims or do
I drive even slower than everyone says I do. And yes, these are calculated
figures, not from the dash display.

87 5kcst, 170k and unusually economical:)