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Re: Airbags...now your call.

>I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but I believe there has been a
>recent amendment to the airbag laws.  I believe it is now legal to change an
>airbag equiped steering wheel with a non equipt one for no reason.  The
>choice is now available to get that sweet aftermarket Momo 'wheels...The
>only problem is that I hear shops are refusing to do the swaps due to
>potential legal hassels and I'm a little gun shy about doing it on my own
>('fraid of having it go off in my face).  Anyone out there made use of this
>law yet?  Was it DYI or did a shop do it for you?

Legal or not -- Hey, I'm a rebel! -- I replaced the airbag wheel on my 200q
with a Momo.  Unfortunately, there is only hub adapter available and because
of the difference between the early and late-style combo switches, I
discovered the horn won't work.  I had to machine an additional adapter ring
in order to get around this ... I love the wheel, though, so it was
definitely worth the extra work.  I also think it might be possible to run a
wire down through the steering column (it'll have to be rifle-drilled at one
point) but that'll take some work as well...

BTW, back in '77, I did a research project in college on the airbag (as it
existed at that time) and swore I'd never have one in *my* car ... I always
wear a seatbelt and decided that, for me, the potential risks outweigh the
potential benefits.  

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