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Re: auto trans upshift delay & ac cutoff

I had a problem with the 2-3 shift first thing in the morning, the rest of the day was fine.  The very first 1-2 shift was ok too.  I could sometimes 
coax the 2-3 shift by pulling the shifter down into 2 briefly and then shifting back to D (lifting off the gas as I did so).  I was preparing myself to 
change the ATF and filter when the Audi Gods smiled.  I was late for work and went about 10 mph over my self-imposed speed limit (I guess I got upto 
about 90mph) and the next morning the transmission shifted per spec.  That was 40k miles ago and all's well to this day.  I don't really want to advocate 
this as a "procedure", but it worked for me.  I suppose something was blocking one of the passages in the transmission and the extra exertion freed 
things up.  


On 09/23/97 22:41:09 you wrote:
>> About a week after though, I'm having problems with the auto tranny.
>> When I first start it up, it doesn't want to upshift. 1-2 or 2-3 won't
>> upshift unless I really accelerate and then once it finally does, it's
>> usually fine until I park it overnight. Otherwise shift points seem to
>> be pretty solid and positive. Any ideas, anyone??
>Check your ATF and the diff fluid immediately.  Hopefully you only
>have dirty ATF and they fluids haven't started mixing.
>Funny, but I just rented a U-Haul that 2nd gear seemed to be AWOL.
>Wouldn't change up unless I almost took my foot off the gas then
>no power and changed down if I wasn't very gentle on the gas.
>Seemed to be switching between first and third.  Then there was
>the front end shimmy and very abnormally worn tire at the front.
>And for good luck, the radio quit on the way home...
>> Also, ac worked fine but noticed it cuts off when I heavy accelerate. Is
>> there a switch or something that controls this or might it be related to
>> the tranny thing? Checked the ac relay in fusepanel under hood and it
>> seems to be working properly. Hotwired the ac clutch and it kicks in and
>> compressor blows real cold almost instantly. Any help, much appreciated.
>Absolutely completely normal.  There is a switch under the gas pedal
>that cuts the AC out at full throttle.