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A4 Squeak

Could be something else.  My car had a similar very-persistent problem.  It
turned out to be a loose tweeter that, due to the acoustics of the car,
sounded like it was coming from under the windshield.  

>From: "Jouko Haapanen" <joukoh@vtoy.fi>
>1.	Control arm bushing gone - need new control arm (common on early A4)
>2.	Anti-roll bar bushing squeaks, new bushing P/N for very early cars
>I'd bet on 1, since 2 only occurred on about the first couple of months of
>A4 production as far as I recall, back in 1995 model year.  2 is something
>that affected cars still in your vintage - at least here in Finland the
>dealer/Audi will cover some of the costs if the warranty is expired AND the
>car has been serviced @ Audi certified service centre(s).

>> From: kkleman@vanstar.com
>> Whenever I hit a bump in the road, especially depressions, I hear a squeak
>> from the front end of the car.