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Land Speed Record (was note on Henry Joy)

<<A point should be observed here though.  Andy Green is NOT the first
person to drive a car through the sound barrier.  That was Stan Barrett
driving the Hal Needham/Bill Fredericks Budweiser Rocket car in October
1979.  The FIA did not certify the record because the car took Two hours
to turn around, but it did it anyway, I was there.>>

Interesting you mention that...if you go to
http://thrustssc.digital.co.uk/thrustssc/contents_frames.html they
discuss this controversial topic.  It turns out that NO sonic boom was
heard, as was the case with Thrust, and they were using a ground
tracking radar system to time the car (very unusual method).  There was
also no effects left on the desert floor at Edwards AFB, as was the case
at the Black Rock Desert.  Anyway, you can check it out for
yourself...the British are looking for pictures of the event, as well.


-mark nelson