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'85 ur-q Cold problem

     Okay I'm looking for suggestions here. My '85 ur-q has been running 
     fine up to this Monday when the weather suddenly became colder, 
     driving temperatures to and from work are now 5C or less.
     With the cold weather the car has develped a significant hesitation 
     when pulling over 3K rpm, very noticeable in 5th gear but apparent in 
     the other gears. This is not the ur-q 4K rpm problem, feels more like 
     fuel starvation. Interestingly after a long drive about an hour the 
     problem seemed to go away. This leads me to believe that it's a part 
     that takes a long time to warm up? e.g. driving for 45 minutes it was 
     still not accelerating beyond 3-3.5k.
     My first guess is the WOT (Wide Open Throttle) switch as the car 
     builds boost fine but seems to be struggling for fuel. I'm planning on 
     hooking up a DVM tonight to monitor the performance of the WOT switch. 
     Any other suggestions?
     Thanks and regards, Mike