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The saga continues... (long)

Well, I got my VW QSW back from NTB, and so far it seems okay. They ended up taking the whole control arm assembly to a machine shop somewhere and having them press in the bearing and hub. They put it all back together, and as far as I can tell, it is okay. I'll have a REAL mechanic check it out tomorrow...

One odd thing, though (which really p*ssed me off). Once I got out of the parking lot, and started driving down the road, I noticed the steering wheel was totally crooked!! Now just what the h*ll could they have done to make that happen? I figure two things:

1. They decided to do me a "favor" and give me a complimentary alignment, but didn't bother to keep the steering wheel straight. When I got home, I was putting in the correct distributor cap (the one I got from Pep Boys just didn't fit right... it was too short, and it didn't have the black retainer/cover on it..), and noticed a shop rag near the driver's fender (near the strut housing). This makes me believe they did an alignment, 'cuz what other reason would they have had to be working under the hood?

2. The car was on one of their lifts, dangling it's "feet" for two days. I am figuring that maybe... somehow... the suspension, steering, or alignment was affected by all the weight of the drive train etc. hanging down in mid-air. Is this possible? If so, could any significant damage have been done?

Needless to say, this week has not been good for me and the QSW.

When I got home, I tried to "fix" the problem by taking off the aftermarket steering wheel that I put on a few days ago, and adjusting it so that it was straight. Well, of course, with the week going as it was, this almost turned out to be a disaster as well. The three bolts holding the adapter on just about stripped themselves on the way out (d*mn cheap metal!!). Then the adapter itself would not come off!! It was like it was glued onto the shaft!! ARRGGHHH!! Then, I lost one of the bolts (don't ask me how...). I looked everywhere. I put it back together again, without straightening the wheel... and THEN found the bolt!! (Is this getting comical to you all yet?). Of course, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3... :-(

So, I am hoping that the weight of the car sitting overnight in it's normal state will work a miracle, and straighten the wheel out, or if not (I'm not counting on that!!), I am hoping that the dealer has time to do an alignment, and STRAIGHTEN THE D*MN WHEEL!! ARRGGHH!!

Shall I continue? I decided to put new spark plugs in this week as well. The first plug wire came off fairly easily, except that the little "doohickey" that screws onto the tip of the spark plug was stuck inside the plug wire!! Okay, I just won't screw on the new one onto the plug. Next plug wire... same thing. Next one... same thing. All five were like this. Yeesh... will anything go right for me with this car? :-(

What else can I say? I just hope that the notchy shifter isn't anything too serious. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess. Hopefully, this week will end on a good note.

Nonetheless, I still love the car... it will probably take a lot more for me to push me "over the edge". Now I think that I know how some of you feel... having that special "LOVE/HATE" relationship with your quattro...

All the while, my Audi sits quietly, watching me in all my agony with it's new "garage" mate. Hmm... maybe "she" is jealous? Is it possible for one car to cast a spell on another car? :-)

Thanks again for listening to my trials and tribulations.

I'm going to bed now... I need some rest!!

P.S. I just noticed on one of the underhood decals that it actually says "Audi 4000 quattro" right above "Quantum Syncro"!! That just about confirms it, eh? I guess that means I can now put a set of rings on the front and back, and I won't be totally out of line!!

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 Audi 100S
'87 VW Quantum Syncro Wagon