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88 5KSQ-Engine Stall at Speed.

In message <v01540b00b0790a04701f@[]> msr11@psu.edu (Matthew S. Robinson) writes:

>         My (new to me) '88 5kSQ(98K) is acting up! My father was driving it
> this weekend, and after 45 min or so of hwy crusing the engine backfired
> and shut off on him(electrics on,  just no engine)!   He pulled over,
> turned it off and restarted, and a few miles/min later the same thing
> happened again!

Sounds like the ECU/dashboard grounds to the engine.  Check any brown wires 
attached to the engine in the inlet manifold area - give 'em some grief, 'cos 
sometimes they pretend to be OK when they're not.

> BTW-If it was not for the SUV that completely crunched my '90 Subaru Legacy
> LS last month, I would not have joined the wonderful world of Audi!!!

Some good must come of it ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club