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Re: Blizzaks - Traverse City

>Are Blizzaks the way to go or are there any better alternatives?

I think there are the Hakkas and the Gislav-something or other. Seems like
the Yoko Guardex isn't as it's cracked up to be. From what I've heard, the
Blizzak is still one of the best in non-studdable ones. And Hakka 1's on
studdable tires.

And looks like there are new (um, revised?) players in town -- Pirelli
Winter 210 Assimmetrico, Winter Ice Assimmetrico, and Winter Ice
Direzionale (hmm... suspeciously looks like old ones). I bet truck-loads
of threads' gonna go around this year on snow tires. (^: Soooo, which is

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