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Re: A reply to Gross and a totally munda

This sounds interesting Paul.  Now if my wife weighs 110 lbs., how far along
the lever, ie. piece of scaffolding, would she have to be to get 330 lb.
torque?  I have a long piece of galvanized pipe (6 ft. or so and I believe 1.25
inches diameter) that used to be part of a Lord and Burnham (not sure of the
spelling) greenhouse.  Certainly thick enough to take on this job.  Not sure
about the sockets I have being able to take the strain, but I have a
next-door-neighbour who's into the heavy duty gear and would probably like to
see me sweat doing this.  Perhaps if I hold my wife by the waist (I like that
part) and she jumps up and down on the bar it will be tight enough.  Should I
worry about too much force?


Paul Heneghan wrote:

> I did it cheaper than Phil obviously - I used a calibrated weight (my wife)
> standing a certain distance along the scaffold pole to get the nut done up
> to the right torque.  If you don't tighten it enough it will come loose and
> chew up the crank gear - BTDT NDIA.
> Paul
> paul.heneghan@bbc.co.uk
> 1984 Audi 80 quattro
> 1989 Audi 100 Avant