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1990 200tq: wood trim?

Still on the verge of buying the 1990 200tq.  Two questions:

The wood trim is nice and good looking on the driver's side, but
washed out or faded (much, much lighter and duller) on the right.
It's washed out totally uniformly, much as if there is some kind of
plastic coating over it like the ones you get on a new microwave
oven's display, so the display doesn't get scratched in shipment.  Is
this, in fact, the case?  Will I be able to remove this coating which
hasn't been off in 7 years?  Or will I have to live with non-matching
wood trim?  Can I just take the wood off and finish it myself?  The
varnish really is a little on the thick side.  As far as I can tell,
the wood is completely undamaged.

The other question is this: how far should I trust the Kelley Blue
Book value?  The car needs, immediately, about $900-$1000 in
maintenance, in order to bring it up to the condition in which a
dealer would sell it.  It's a private sale.  The KBB value for a
dealer-bought car is $11710 or so.  What's a reasonable rule of thumb
to turn this into a private-sale price?  Aside from a couple of little
things, the car is doing quite well.

Thanks for any comments!