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5 valve Audi 5 cyl engines

There has been some discussion about a 25 valve 5 cylinder engine.  Example:
Date:	Fri, 12 Dec 1997 00:45:33 -0700
From:	"Bruce Bell" <bbell@bbell.com>
Subject:	Re: Whew...

Just re-read the article and the implication is that this was a 25 valve head. 5X5. 

Was this the car that  Unser drove? I know there was an article about it in VW Porsche at the time and I don't remember a 5 valve head being mentioned. Did EC make another one of their classic boo boos? Any one know for sure or do I have to search through my magazine archives.

Yes, it exists!!!
It was used in the model 90 IMSA car, claimed to be only 20 valves, but then Audi wasn't caught in the lie.
It can be recognized by the flat black rectangular valve cover with fasteners all around the edge.
It has no head bolts!  And no main cap bolts!
Instead under the valve cover are very long bolts that go through the head and main bearing caps and make a sandwich out of the caps, block, and head.

A public display of this engine can be found in a museum in Sinsheim, Germany.  It is the German  equivalent of  our "Museum of Science and Industry"  It is the strongest design Audi made.  A few of these are being club raced in other countries like Finland & Germany.

"The Shadow Knows"