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Re: 87 5tq bushings

glenahan@notes.cc.bellcore.com wrote:
> re: instant oversteer due to toe changes
> Yep, that's a famous symptom.  In fact, from that description I'd even
> guess
> that your problem lies primarily in the *control arm* bushings rather than
> the sub-frame bushings.  Collective list wisdom?
> Wherever you get the parts, make sure they are Audi OEM parts.  I've seen
> others
> (both rubber and urethane) fail within 6-18 months.  Note that even a
> well-respected
> source (and Audi dealer)  on this list (who will remain nameless) got my
> part numbers
> wrong.  [[Uh, *name here*, are there really *6* bushings on each sub-frame,
> or might
> the extra two hold the rear diff?]]
> The job is involved, but not complex.  Need to press out most of the
> bushings, which I won't
> attempt.  Need to re-allign everything, for the most part.
> My advice?  If you plan to keep the car, get at it, and do them all at
> once.  No need to spend
> another $200 plus $100 allignment, to repalce the final $50 worth of parts
> you might
> save on today.
> Grant

There is no need to reallign