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QSW pictures

First off, I hope everyone's holiday went well, and I hope Santa was
good to you all.

And in the same spirit, I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!!

Now, for the obilgatory Audi content, FWIW, I have put up some pictures
of the famed "NTB-butchered" QSW (taken at the tale end of a roll of
Christmas family pictures). The setting could have been better
(although, there is snow appropriately in the background!!), but they
nonetheless at least give an idea of how it looks.

They can be seen at: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/4475/myQSW.html

FWIW, it handled the 800-mile-roundtrip trek up to MA from MD
beautifully. This car is very fun to drive, and boy, I just love the
feeling of quattro. As all the New Englanders are aware, there were 6
inches of snow or more falling on the day I drove up. I was able to test
out the quattro system over the past few days up there, and I must say
(as a FWD and RWD veteran), I am very impressed.

Now I fully understand the fanaticism and worship of the quattro
system!! Long live quattro!! :-)

Take care. Happy New Year!!
                             Jim Griffin
                          Maryland, USA
    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                        '92 Audi 100S
                   '87 VW Quantum Syncro