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Catering to used car buyers-parts

Come on, Fringe, I thought we were going to tlet this go and now you're
baiting me  :-)

>>>Not necessarily.  The U.S. stock market has returned over 11% over the
Irrelevant...you're smart and you know it...11% (or any other figure based
upon the DJIA or any other NYSEaverage)
is NOT the cost of money (opportunity cost).

Here's a near flawless example.....
My car, built in 1989, sold in 1990 sold for almost $32,000.
Your car (as you've pointed out) is better and has more content and sold
for LESS nearly 10 years later.
According to your 11% compunding theory over 9 years
(taking out all kinds of variables such as cost of materials, increased
efficiency etc. ad infinitum)

Your car might be reasonably priced at (conservatively, your words) over

Oooops :-)

How much Audi stock do you own anyway?

Still Friends??

Paul Royal