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Re: S2 Engine dilemma (sorta long)

Mark Nelson wrote:
> So now that I am 3B-less...again...my dad and I are deliberating as to
> what to do with my engine situation.
> Right now, I am considering two things on the S2...building the 2.3L 20v
> NA motor I have (which is what Ron Wood did with Rui's car) OR I am
> seriously considering using the MC motor I have, that was going to go
> into the 4kq project.
> There are three reasons I am considering the 10vt right now:
> 1) Time constraints; a 20vt IS going to go into the car eventually, BUT
> I want to make sure that it is built right, and all the good pieces are
> used.  I want to have the car ready for Wild West in April, and
> unfortunately, time and budget constraints hinder my ability to develop
> a strong 20vt in a few months time, in order to meet my deadline.
> 2) Budget; I estimated, using a Motronic ECU, I am going to be dumping a
> good $4000+ into the 20vt ($6K+ w/MoTec) (yes, I buy at wholesale
> prices, which is why it is relatively cheap).  This is all fine and
> dandy, BUT right now I am out $2300 for the next "4-6 weeks" from the
> botched 3B deal, so cash is definitely an issue.
> 3) If I go ahead and do the MC transplant in the 4kq, I'm going to have
> to freshen it and do all the same work anyway, so I might as well do it
> now, and then when the 20vt is finished, I can take the 10vt out and put
> it in the 4kq, which is still driveable (well, sorta =).
> So basically, to sum it up, I am about 90% convinced of building the
> 10vt to put into the S2 for the time being (ala Frank Sprongl =).  The
> 20vt will be developed in the meantime, as budgeting allows, and within
> an estimated 6 - 9 months, I will be ready for the swap.
> As for the 10vt, here are some of the pieces I am intending to
> change/rework
> -new Mahle forged pistons
> -Total Seal rings
> -new oil pump
> -new gaskets
> -Schneider reworked cam
> -larger injectors (there is a guy in town who's REALLY good with
> injectors and CIS and can work up some new injectors with more flow,
> etc.)
> -new valve springs
> -custom stainless manifold
> -hybrid K26/K27 turbo
> etc., etc.
> I am intending to use the Mac 11 ECU and will rework it/have it reworked
> to change the fuel cutoff for the stiffer wastegate spring.  I am
> expecting that this engine, if built right, can easily yield 300 - 350
> HP.
> Any thoughts?
> cya!
> -mark nelson
> mailto:mnelson@brls.com
> http://www.quattrosport.com

Hi Mark 

Everyone on the rally seene is bussy now. Clocks are ticking.
Sprongl's engine is Audi motorsport w/ Motronic EFI. No ISV and no
air flow meter. It is convenient and powerful. How about puting Motec on 
10V and learning to program it so that later on you know how to use it. 
Several people I know damaged their first EFI instalation project engines 
because tuning is not easy. You probably will only need second set of 
sensors and another crank trigger. You can also try water injection. That 
will help if you run high boost with small(not large enough) intercooler.
Dialynx uses ERL and it is great. If all you get out of this is 
understanding of how to use EFI for rally I think it is worth it.
Look at how much trouble Rui had to go through before he sorted out his 
cars. Sprongl is fortunare in that he uses EFI that was preprogrammed for 
him to match his engine. Bruno is in the same situation. You will have to 
 develope your own. It is not fun, but a necesity. The best CIS in rally 
is not nearly as good as EFI. You can also learn how to better take 
advantage of imroved volumetric efficiency that your machining will 
provide. There will be teething problems this year aneway no matter what 
you do(exept hire JB to build and service). Might as well live through it 
all. I had to make this desidion last year and I elected to do it. I had 
problems but learned to salve them. My next major step will be getting a 
crash box and learning to use it to my advantage and maintain it. I found 
a shop in England that will build me a nice one(good to about 350 hp)and 
will with some care survive many clutchless shifts. This is 1999 project.
In 98 I hope to get AP breaks,16 Compomotive wheels , LSD rear and 
tubular rear subframe to replace my week one. I also elected to get my 
fule cell modifyed to have a filler cap right on it and not outside on 
body work. When in England I visited Deemon Tweeks and picked MOMO 1000 
Lakes seats. They are Kevlar, and inexpencive ($500 US plus shipping)
They are made for rally and are reenforced. Also I am going to get a set 
of jack stands that attach to tubes that are wleded into rocker pannels.
They are cheep and very convenient. Bodywork is required to install 
attachment tubes. That however will allow me to use the famous monkey on 
a stick jack. Trips to England help my learning curve.
Good luck.Want to hear how you progress.
Mike Z