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Re: Ur-Quattro Big Problem

 # I thought the clutch/firewall tear thing was limited to the 
 # Golf/Jetta world???  
... I'll bet that's the main reason they changed the way the MC is 
mounted from the firewall to that cast part that holds the pedals.  
I guess I'd better check my urQ as well ... I do hear a noise from 
the clutch pedal area from time to time myself.  I'm thinking that 
if I install a plate with 3 holes drilled in it and install it on 
the interior side that it should distribute the load as long as I 
don't have a massive crack ...

My thoughts on why the clutch gets more difficult to actuate over 
time is the plastic throw-out bearing sleeve that is used on many 
of the older cars.  I always replace this with a metal one whenever 
I'm in there ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)