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Audi Sport Shift Knob

Just FYI in the shift knob department.

I bought a shift knob from JT Motorsports at the LA Auto show this past
weekend. It is a nice alternative to the ratty wood knobs many are
running around with. It has the Sport logo and the shift pattern. The
shift pattern is backlit in OE-matching amber, about the same intensity
as the back-lights in the window switches. Not too cheesy. Really.

The shape is a bit more anatomical as well. It comes attached to a new
boot, which must be wetted  and stretched to fit over the stock plastic
boot retainer. No big deal, though. In the end, a nice improvement with
a little better appearance.

Cost: $80. Ouch.

I have a photo of it if anyone is seriously interested (can e-mail)


91 200q
86 5ktq