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Re: '94 90CSQ rear mud flaps?

At 07:21 PM 1/6/98 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
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Mark.Granoff@Software.com (Mark Granoff) writes:
>> When I bought my '94 90CSQ last July, I looked into this. Only front mud
>> flaps were ever available for this car. There are not and never were any
>> rear mud flaps available for this car.  I decided not to get the front
>> flaps; I think just front flaps would look bad.
>Mud flaps are mandatory in many Eastern European countries.  Your body shell 
>was marketed in most if not all of them - there _will_ be mud flaps

Perhaps readily in Europe, but apparently not in the US. I looked. Both my
dealer (in MA) and Linda @Carlsens had no part number for rear mud flaps
for my car. That was as hard as I wanted to work on the problem at the time.

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