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Re: 4000csq belt squeeking at start

> In message <199801070027.QAA24436@lambda.ben2.ucla.edu> Michael Williams writes:
> > Phil, i was wondering if it is possible for the alternator to cease
> > functioning properly due to a loose alternator belt.
> Yup.  Work out the amount of work represented by a 90a charge at 12v -
> there's a goog few horsepower going down that belt.
> 5mm movement halfway between the pulleys.

A friend of mine who was an auto mechanic (and a B-52 mechanic before 
that) told me that for each item you hang off the crankshaft (that 
is, each item you drive using a crankshaft-driven belt) you'll lose 
about 7hp. Does anyone know if this is correct or not?

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