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Midwinter Madness

In message <l03110730b0dd213c4e1b@[]> Unka Bart writes:

> Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart rather enjoyed the story about your "610 miles in
> just over 12 hours." pub crawl.  It could be fairly argued that it was
> off-topic, but it coincides with my own interests in "driving experiences,"
> which I *personally* find relevant and thus not so.

Not so sure.  We met almost two dozen other ur-quattro owners (and an S6 owner) 
including at least one other lister (hi, Steve) on the trip.

> It could also be fairly observed that admitting the downing of the odd pint
> of three in the process could result in knickers getting knotted right and
> left.

Five.  Roger, not me.  And by the time he'd had the third, I was back on home 
territory and no longer in need of a navigator.  I got a pint of shandy in the 
Robin Hood that I didn't have time to finish, and a half pint of beer in the 
Plough two hours later.  I seriously doubt that I reached 20mg per 100ml - the 
limit is 80mg.

> Not being a judgemental sort of uncle however, I won't say a word about the
> obvious folly of that.

Obvious folly of what?  The only danger with Roger is that he'll start 
singing.  Anything else, I can tolerate.  Even his digestive tract.  But if 
he sings - he goes home on the bus.

> On the subject of Bandwith.  I've seen you object to egregious waste of
> bandwidth on the odd time or two, and given by the fact that you must pay
> by the minute, I've never been surprised that you would do so.  The key
> word here being *egregious* such as the resposting of an entire digest, or
> resposting a long message merely to add "me too" at the end.

And 'virtual business cards', and copies of people's entire Microsoft Mail 
environments in MIME format (do these people _know_ how much of their 
environment Microsoft Mail sends out?), and ASCII posts followed by the same 
stuff all over again but taking twice the space in HTML, and stupid little GIFs 
of envelopes in orbit. And I will _continue_ to grumble about them.  I also get 
irritated (but usually not to the point of posting) by plain ASCII text 
messages that are marked as MIME.  

But I've _never_ objected to original text, no matter how far off topic.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club