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used car prices


I spent $25.5K on a used '93 S4 with 60,000 miles, cell phone, cd changer,
TAP ECU, K26 hybrid turbo, sachs sports suspension, not to mention the host
of other stock amenities. In the exact color scheme I wanted: black on
black. If you factor the cost of the vehicle and aftermarket parts (+
installation) at roughly $55K than I feel like I got a pretty sweet deal.
Buying a car new and taking that kind of a depreciation hit kind of makes me
sit in utter shock.

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 98 12:30:09 PST
From: "Dave" <mhauk@ccsdana.net>
Subject: used car prices
Over the past few days I sat in utter shock over the fact that people would
and still do consider paying $18-30,000 for a used (wrecked) Audi.  Case in
point the infamous wrecked S4 for a mere $28,000. Huuh!  Are we forgetting
that for $2-3K more you can walk out of the local pokeship. . .I mean
dealership. . . with a loaded 2.8 or 1.8t A4Q?  Granted the S4-S6 was and
is a great car, however, no used Audi is worthty of new car pricing.
Example number two.  This morning someone posted a 91 200tqw for the paltry
sum of $18+K with a bomb that needs replaced.  (Scuse me while Bevis says a
few words. . .Uhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . . Uhhhhhhh) I certainly hope that the
Audi faithful have not lost there mind due to the "Midwinter madness" that
seems to be going around the list.  Not preaching here just trying to
instill a bit of common sense back into the Qlist.