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Re: I was took...


You should have stopped before the 1500 dollars was spent
and done the soul searching then and there.  You trippled
the investment into the car.  How much more will it take?
five times? six times your initial cost?  You need an honest 
appraisal from a reputable independant.  We can help you 
find such a person.  Give us you general location and we
can help out.  We really are everywhere!

You may want to bail out on this car and try again, if 
you cant live with it's litany of problems  (windows?
what windows!)  Sorry to hear you have problems, but an
$800 car does not a silk purse make!  It is dangerous for
someone who does not do there own work to bottom fish in
the Audi market.  Now ou know why.  Good Luck.

paul timmerman