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A4 1.8q vs S4

I feel compelled to argue this side of the equation because I don't think
anyone has so far. There are a ton of different variables here. But the fact
remains that:

1) you can make the 1.8 perform better. Just pick up the recent EC and you
have a handful of tuners that can offer you as much as 350bhp, 330 mm AP
brake kits, different suspension and wheels. If you do the math you can see
that it will cost less than buying the S4. You may miss out on a six speed,
but oh well.

2) As far as interior & exterior goes, I am not very partial to the front
bumper on the S4, you can get other versions from the likes of WPI (very
nice piece) and Avantgarde, a multitude of wings, spoilers, etc. etc. As far
as the interior goes you can customize to your liking and who is to say the
2.8 interior or even stock S4 is to your liking? I swapped the carbon fiber
trim on my '93 S4 for walnut for zero $$$ from a fellow list member, and I
had fun doing it. If you are planning on changing seats for instance, why
wouldn't you go with the lower priced model?

3) If you are like me and you absolutely can not leave well enough alone,
you will start changing wheels, tires, brakes and suspension, at a minimum.
I cant afford that on a newer more expensive model. I'm able to do it to a
'93 S4, because I bought used and let depreciation do its thing.

4) Finally you can time the cash outlay a customizations to your schedule.
Can't afford those 330 mm 4 piston AP's this month? Wait until next. Where
with the S4 you'll need to pay out the nose for the stock floating caliper

5) Its fun to be able to modify a car (including affording those
modifications). I wouldn't mind a 911 Turbo S, would I leave it stock?
Probably not. So from a cost perspective I'm better off getting a 1989 911
turbo cab, and start playing around.

It really depends on the individual's needs, how much they want to play
around and what their own personal cash flow profiles are. What would I do?
Wait a number of years for used S4's to come on the market, and start
playing around, besides I gotta have those Xenons and last I checked you
can't get those on the A4.

(actually just shy of $0.02),
'93 S4