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RE: 'Took' '87 Audi, 5000s, Palm Harbor, Fl.

Jo wrote:
        >When I took the door panel off I was able to hook some 'wire
stick looking thing' (okay guys stop laughing) that had a hole in it to
a latch - now I can open my door with my key.  I mean I stick the key
in, turn it and the door actually physically pops open.  I know this is
not right but at least I can get in.  There were two of those wires.  I
left the other unhooked because it didn't seem to fix anything.

Jo, as Alex wrote, there are two of those 'wire stick looking things.'
>From your message it seems you have hooked up the latch 'stick' to the
key mechanism.  Each has a nylon ball connector that is screwed on to
the 'actuator arm' (wire stick looking things).  On these nylon
connectors there is a wire clip that fits on the top.  These sometimes
go into the fourth, fifth or sixth dimension or flip off and end up down
in the bottom of the door.  Regardless, these are needed to keep the
sucker on the pivot points which are connected to the latch and key
entry of the door handle.  In any case it sounds like you got one of
these connectors connected to the key entry.  Think of them as a
shoulder joint.  A ball and a socket.

You can get at this assembly without taking the door panel off.  Open
the door (if you can)  and you will see a rubber plug just above the
locking mechanism.  Pry that off and you will see two screws.  Undo them
both being careful not to lose them into the interior of the door
(although since you have the door panel off it probably won't matter).
Pry off the crappy alumin(i)um cover on the outside of the door handle
(small spade screw driver needed here) and you will have access to the
third screw at the front end of the door handle, unscrew it, and now the
door handle will come off, assuming everything inside is toast.  You
will now be looking at everything you need to know about.  Look at the
door handle you have just taken off.  There will be a 'ball' on a nylon
piece that is screwed onto the key cylinder and another one for the
latch.  If one or both of these are gone you will have to go looking for
something similar.  In my case I used a swivel from fishing gear, you
know, the thingy that keeps everything from getting tangled up.  The
'ball' from this swivel was a perfect fit for the nylon socket.  I
should note that you need nimble fingers for this surgery.  At this
point you have to do what needs to be done (and I think when you are at
this point you will know), but once you have all this together, make
sure you tighten the 'socket' onto the 'ball' with a wahr turned tightly
around the top of the 'socket' which has a couple of ridges on it so the
needful can be accomplished.

If more info is needed, let me know, but since you can get in the car
now, something else may take priority.  One thing for certain, I don't
think anyone is going to steal it, but you never know.