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injector cooling switch values?

Ref:  Your note of Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:06:41 =0500

Dave said:
>There is a 90C that can be used in lieu of the 110C switch. If I run across
>it after the move is complete I'll post it. It is readily avail = Linda

I have one of these in my 5ks.  I put it in when I went to the all metal
radiator.  I think it's main effect was to make the fan run more often
and with shorter duty cycle.

I'm not having any cooling problems, but I have been meaning to put in a
lower temperature thermostat so the rediator flow is increased and get
back to something like the original fan control timing, but at lower

This may have moved up on my "list", 'cause the lower two fan speeds are
gone and the hurricane force stage 3 is annoying.  Whatcha' think?