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Re: MAP pressure

> *****  Bourns, Motorola, and a few other vendors made good cheap
> MAP sensors. That and a cheap DPM  ( $15) will run you over $30
> What's the problem with the OLD FASHIONED mechanical 30inch vacuum/
> 30PSI boost guage available from most performance shops, ( and JC Whitney etc)
> for about $15-20 ( or cheaper sometimes... would wonder about the accuracy )

I've seen some listers' photos of the cockpits of their Qs, and
frankly, while I love steam locomotives, I would rather the inside of 
my Audi not look like one. 

The closest I can bear to come to making the 5kcstq look like a
"race-car" would be to dump the barcaloungers for the sport seats
(which I have not yet done), and add steering wheel from the old
GTI Fox which I salvaged many yars ago (it's slightly larger in 
diameter than the stock steering wheel, with hole-punched aluminum
arms from the wheel to the hub. Nice AutoUnion logo in the horn
button. I put it on the car whenever I take it to be serviced, as the
Monkey Lads (I understand this is TM?) always manage to grime
up the leather steering wheel.

ok, enough rambling....-dq
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
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