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Purple Lighting (not HID)

I'm seeing more and more cars around with conventional H4/9004 (more about
that later) with a purple/bluish white glow similar to HID, but not as
bright. Are these " fashion" type lights or is these a coating or gaseous
filling that makes them glow that color? Any advantages? I remember a
Qlister said that he switched to an all weather type blub and got
something of a bluish tint. Same thing? I have question on h4/9004 lights.
What's the difference? I don't have h4 lighting, so I don't know. Someone
previously said that 9004 is brighter than h4, and JC Whitney lists all
different kinds of lights. What the difference and the real story, if any?
Oh, are the blue lights available as H3's?

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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