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Re: 1986 4CSQ problem (Update) Southern NJ shop needed

>Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro
>Miles: 140k (+/-)

>Three days ago it got much worse. The gas mileage is the same - 14-16
>MPG, but the hesitation is much more pronounced and happens all the time.
>I can drive the car, but I have to be very careful when starting from a
>stop or if I try to pass someone. Just because I press on the gas, it
>doesn't mean the car will get going.

Update: The car is much, much worse. Driving is out of the question.
Basicaly, I had it at one shop for two days last week, and they 'could
not' find the problem. (Very long story) I took it to another shop and
theyu couldn't find the problem either. (Athough they told me they would
be limited in what they could check, so I'm ok with that) I'm going to
try one more shop on Thursday, but in the event they can't find the
problem, does anyone know of a good shop in the southern NJ area?
(Echelon, Deptford area)



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