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Re: Deep snow in the quattro

Last year when I had my 4000q, I drove down my driveway (500m) with
aproximately 40cm of snow from the previous nights snow fall.  I was too
late in the morning to shovel it as I was already late for work.  The drive
way was down hill so I went for it... no problem...  At night when we got
back home I looked at the drive way.  Only my track coming down with snow
pushed to the sides from the car being a snow plow of sorts.  So, I locked
the center diff and decided to go for it.  I made it!!!  I was VERY
impressed!  So from that point on I have not plowed or shoveled my driveway!  

This winter I have a VW Syncro Double Cab and an Audi 5000 quattro.  So I'm
REALLY prepaired, but El Nino isn't giving us snow to test my toys out...
not that I am complaining!

At 12:37 2/3/98 -0500, David M Sugerman wrote:
> 	Am curious to find out the deepest snow that my fellow quattro pilots have 
>driven (played) in. I have used mine in up to a foot, but never anything
more unless 
>you count having to break through piles from plowed to unplowed streets
that concist 
>of chunks up to 20 or so inches high. Am I endangering the undercarriage
>differential when I do this? We're now expecting around two feet, and
since I have 
>nice new treads, I'd really like to go out and play in the semi-plowed
areas, unless 
>it's gonna end up costing me more than a front spoiler or front end 
>allignment.(Damn student budget!!) 
>Life's too short to leave the quattro parked in the snow, even when
there's no 
>particular place to go. 
>David S '89 80q 133k w/ a dab of Marvel Mystery from time to time. 

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