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Re: Subject: Re:Starting problem fixed/address another

Vac is good, everything checks out.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:

> You wrote:  <<Can the pivots for the air flow meter get gummed 
> with pcv oil? I suspect that if so, they are gummed. When cold I 
> get slow responses and that may cause my problem, 
> BTW: the sensor plate does not stick. Addressing the restart:
>  it won't stumble, but it'll take a few seconds (2-3) to get it to start. No
> stumbling.
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> *Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar>>
> I remember from my VW days that "Poor Richard's Rabbit Book" used to recommend
> cleaning the pivot point and all on the air flow sensor plate with Beryman
> Chemtool spray; lots of brown gunk gets trapped on it over time; probably good
> maintenance anyways.  But, I'd expect that would cause similar "response"
> problems both hot and cold, although it could cause hard cold starting.
> Have you checked carefully for vacuum leaks?  What about pulling the dipstick,
> or opening the oil filler cap while running?
> Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com