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TARS, was re: AVS S4-v

> I am considering the
> s4.  it a v rated performance tire.  Price is not 79.00, but I am
> concerned with how harsh this tire rides.  Does anyone have any input on
> the s4.  I do not need the tires immediately so I could wait for the
> Michelin if necessary.  They tend to be overpriced so I doubt I shall
> stay with them even if I do not go with the s4.  I am open to suggestions.
I had the S4s on my '90 Coupe (standard 205/60-15 size) for 8,000 miles. I could not stand them. They were a very loud tire and I saw no appreciable wet grip advantage over my 16" SP8000s. I talked to Yoko, they took the tires back and I purchased a set of Pirelli P6000 Sport Veloce, in the same size.
A dramatic difference. The Sport Veloce handles better than the S4, is MUCH quieter and goes in the snow with just a hint sharper breakaway... however, there is a trace of (formerly?) typical flat spotting after time w/o moving, but this goes away in less than 5 miles.
'90 Coupe q
'92 Black Miata